Wolfkeeper University at the Essence Festival: In Essence an Amazing Experience

Jul 31, 2018

With such an amazing position in the dog training world it’s very exciting to have so many opportunities to reach out and connect with people. Another thing that we at Wolfkeeper University value is culture. I speak not only of the rich culture surrounding us in Chicago, but also our own unique culture. We want to remember and celebrate our culture and invite you to join us in doing so at the Essence Festival. Created to commemorate the anniversary of Essence, a magazine aimed primarily towards African American women, this Festival serves as one of the largest annual collections of African American culture in the United States. Several speakers and musical artists help us to take the steps necessary to connect with those who understand the weight of the world as well as the positivity that cooperation and understanding can bring us. We would be honored if you would join us at the Essence festival this coming year from July 4 th to July 7 th in New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s always a pleasure to see clients and dog-lovers alike, and seeing/meeting with you in this powerful environment is no exception.