A Tale of Two Locations: Wolfkeeper South

Jul 13, 2018

The South location of Wolfkeeper University, located at 2747 W Cermak Road, rests in the middle of Chicago’s historic Little Village. You might be surprised to hear that the best part about the area isn’t the rich culture or our connection with local residents. The best part, as it turns out, is actually how busy the area is. It’s one thing to train your dog in the quiet comfort of your own home and another to train your dog to be constantly paying attention to you amidst a flurry of barking dogs, friendly passers-by, and varying levels of car noises. To make our training stick we put your dog in challenging mental conditions so that when you give your dog a command in a crowded area it remembers that it should focus on you instead of the 30 other things that it’s aware of.

Little Village has also served as a great place for us to put all of our skills to the test, namely our Spanish. Danny Jackson, our local bilingual expert is a perfect example of our desire and ability to connect with people wherever we go as he is constantly friendly and willing to work past a language barrier. Whether it be in Mallorca Spain or our own backyard in Chicago we want to make sure that even if your dog is in a maelstrom of distraction, you don't have to do anything more than remember your commands and actions. No matter who you are or how your dog behaves, we want to work with you to turn you from a dog owner into a Wolfkeeper.