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Training Day


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Calm Energy

In this video we are talking about "Calm Energy." Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone points out how his personal Dogs are Calm due to lots of Training and Doga. The goal is to have the Dog so well tra...

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Body Language

In this video Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone is demonstrating what different Human Body Language means and how it relates back to changing the energy of the Dog. In this segment pay attention to t...

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Calm Walking

In this video segment we are demonstrating the importance of understanding how to walk properly with the Dog. How a person walks with their Dog is so important! Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone talk...

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Walking Properly

In this video Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone talks about why it's important to be aware of how we walk as Humans. We cover in this video how Cell Phones have caused us to walk with our Heads Down...

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Teaching Sit

In this Training Video segment, Toriano is demonstrating how to properly make your Canine do a Sit and how to properly hold the leash. We are also showing that there are many things to think about whe...

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In this video we are using something as simple as a Skateboard as a form of distraction for the Canine. Wolfkeeper Dog Training is all about finding something super simple and turning it into an amazi...

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In this video, I am demonstrating the DOGA positions that we reviewed in our earlier video series. In this video you will see how it's necessary to keep your Canine Calm while performing DOGA with oth...

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In this video we talk about how our hands are like paint brushes and our Dogs are the canvas. We transfer energy from our hands to our dog's bodies. It's very important to practice remaining calm wh...

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In this video we cover the importance of how our Energy controls the Energy of the Canine. If we are Sad, then that energy will transfer to the Canine. If we are happy, then that energy will manifest ...

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The goal of keeping your dog under your foot is to test your ability to keep your Canine calm while surrounded around distraction. This is a great exercise do while at the Dog Park or any New Environm...