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Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone created WK-DOGA as a means to create a higher level of Mental and Spirtual Balanace in Canines of all Breeds and Ages. Stretching is Life and Dogs invented Yoga, it's the first activity they do when they wake up, they stretch. WK-Doga allows the Dog or Puppy to fully get stretched by their owner and at the same time develop a closer beyond between Human and Canine. This Free video will give you a sample of more to come as far as learning The Wolfkeeper Way of Training and WK-Doga and all the secrets of Dog Training that come with stretching your Canine.


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Puppy Praise

If it wasn't for my life journey through surviving a car crash and debilitating depression, I wouldn't have discovered DOGA. Now I am able to share this powerful therapeutic practice with others, spre...

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Puppy Rotate

What started as a test evolved into a form of therapy that benefitted the dogs. At the time, I wasn't thinking about how this therapeutic practice would also benefit the human who was stretching the...

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Paw Curl

If you've never practiced yoga, it's important that you understand the basics before you start practicing DOGA. Once you intellectually "get" the principles of yoga, you'll understand how DOGA is much...

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Puppy Cuff

Yoga is a unique form of exercise that has been practiced for centuries. Depending on the type of yoga class you attend, you will be exposed to differing degrees of Asian philosophy and spirituality...

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Reverse Stretch

Wolfkeeper Doga is about finding balance in life and making the time to practice Doga daily for about 15-30 minutes of down time, meaning no television, no cell phones and no distractions. We encoura...

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Ballerina Stretch

One of the unique components of yoga is the emphasis on emotional well-being and positive thinking. As you practice pranayama (controlled breathing) in a yoga session, your blood pressure lowers, your...

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Paw Pressure

The poses and breathing techniques common to yoga are designed to open the charkas (seven energy centers located along the spine.) The science of yoga rests on the philosophy that these energy centers...

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Ear Pull

As I mentioned earlier, I'd already been playing around with a variety of massage, movements and poses as I worked with dogs. As I explored yoga, I realizes how powerful stretching is. Then it hit m...

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Puppy Sit

Yoga is gaining popularity in Western countries as the great benefits (serenity, flexibility, toning of muscles) are realized. This form of exercise meets many of the needs of our stressed, harried po...

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Over of Doga

The preliminary principles underpinning DOGA emerged as a way of temperament testing for dogs that didn't like being handled. When I was working at Chicago Animal Control, I would try to see if I coul...