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The Wolfkeeper Way of Dog Agility Training uses Obstacles courses as means to develop a Leadership bond between the Canine and The Owner. Agility Training helps teach the Dog to Problem Solve and also teaches the Puppy or Dog to trust their Owner in all situation, which can later lead into being prepared for any on the Street Scenario. In this video you will see Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone teaching his Doberman Puppy Beowulf how to walk across a Cat Walk for the first time.


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Agility Platform

Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone explains in this video how the "Agility Platform" can help a Dog or Puppy's confidence. The main Purpose of the "Agility Platform" is to get the Canine comfortable...

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See Saw

Master Toriano loves teaching the "See Saw" because this is definitely an agility task that totally challenges the Canine to trust and believe in their Human. The main reason Canines don't follow is ...

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The A Frame Training can be scary to some Dogs, but ultimately it will totally boost their confidence to Super High Levels. We strongly suggest building an "A Frame" in your backyard, because It's a ...

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In this video, Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone is demonstrating how to get your Canine to walk across a Cat Walk. The Catwalk is very similar to the A Frame, where a Dog or Puppy might not be comf...

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The Weave Pole is a Super Fun Task, because it's amazing when you finally see a Dog or Puppy committing the Task on their Own. Teaching a Dog to do the Weave Poles requires a higher Level of Focus and...

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The other reason we use Agility is to allow the Canine to exercise and truly be a Dog! A Happy Dog is a Dog that is allowed and taught to Run, Crawl, Climb and more. It...

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In this video Master Canzone teaches a Canine to go through a "Tunnel" this is a challenging task for the Canine and the Owner. The more task we can find that challenges the Canine because they are c...

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Master Dog Trainer Torino Sanzone demonstrates in this video how we can convert a Child's Playground Equipment into a Powerful Bonding Tool for the Puppy or Canine. If a Canine grows up performing on...

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Slide Agility

Wolfkeeper University encourages you to just bring your Dog or Puppy to a closed Child's park to allow them to play on different items, such as Slides, See Saws, Bridges and More. The more you expose...

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Fire Hydrant

Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone started teaching his American Bulldog The Might Joe Diesel to jump on Fire Hydrants back in 2001. This is an easy Urban Agility tool to teach the Puppy or Canine to...