The Key to Training Your Dog to Stop Barking

Are you facing problems due to your dog barking? Barking, as you must know, is natural for dogs. They bark to show emotion, to warn, to welcome owners. That is one major communication method they use. Yet this Barking could be inappropriate in certain places; it may cause problems and you want your dog to understand your command not to bark. Your dog will need training to do this. It is important to understand the reason for barking: invasion of territory, alarm, attention seeking, greeting, compulsive barking, and frustration induced barking. Each cause has its own treatment. In general these are some things you can do. Try them and see how they work for you.

Identify the motivating situation and remove the cause

Dogs bark for some reason. Find out when and why your dog barks, then remove your dog from the situation that brings on the barking behaviour. In this way you can control the barking.

Don’t let the barking get to you

Dogs don’t bark indefinitely. Tolerate the barking for some time and the dog will stop ultimately. The more you pay attention to the barking the more your dog thinks that you approve of the barking. Remember to reward your dog once the barking stops.

Get your dog accustomed to people or situations that bring on the barking.

This will take some time and effort. First place the stimulus at a distance that makes your dog alert but doesn’t trigger barking. Now give the dog a favourite treat and move the stimulus closer. You could go slow at this step and move the stimulus closer by no more than a few inches each day. Repeat the treat with each move. This slowly conditions your dog to associate not barking at the stimulus with the treat. To ensure this, stop the treat as soon as the stimulus disappears from the vicinity.

Train your dog to follow the quiet command

This training is strange. It begins with teaching your dog to bark on command. Make your dog start and stop barking at your command. This trains your dog to stay quiet when commanded.

Give a command that stops the barking

As soon as the barking episode starts distract your dog with an opposite command. This inhibiting behaviour gradually becomes a natural reaction to barking situations.

Tire the dog out

You must have noticed your dog hardly barks when tired. In absence all other techniques, just tire the dog so that the barking episode does not arise.

The most important tip to remember is not to lose your cool while training your dog. Continue for as long a period as it takes to bring your dog under control and make the desired behaviour permanent.

Try to complete the training on your own. Your dog is most comfortable with you. In case this fails to get the desired effect, then contact a professional trainer to help you with your problem.

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